Thursday, 17 December 2015

News Headline - Adventures Of An Abandoned Cat.

Tigger is a 21 year old cat who was left abandoned at a local animal hospital in Baltimore.Adriene Buisch saw him, and fell in love with the feline almost instantly and vowed to give him the best life she could.

Adriene called the hospital and got the background on Tigger, finding out he was only left there 9 months ago, was very sweet and had a lot of life to him. She already owned a cat called Stuart with her partner Michael and were looking for a companion but thought a kitten wouldn't be the best fit but Tigger would.

The technician told the couple she was concerned about his kidneys because he drinks a lot of water. She said she would give them some time alone with Tigger so they could decide if they still wanted him. Of course they said yes and took him home to see Stuart.
The two cats instantly got along and bonded, it was almost like Stuart was telling Tigger what trouble to get into as is body was too old to do it. Unfortunately, the veterinarian's initial concerns were verified with blood work: Tigger was suffering from kidney failure. After Adriene started him on medicine and a prescription diet, Tigger's health began to improve. His fur grew back into a fluffy coat, put on healthy weight and had begun to drink a normal amount of water.
A few months later, Tigger's health took another turn for the worst. While grooming him, they discovered a golf ball-sized tumour. The couple made a bucket list not knowing what came with kidney failure and the tumour. The day after Thanksgiving, Adriene and Michael took Tigger to Bethany Beach in Delaware.
Apparently Tigger loved it and made friends along the way, he walked all along the beach to the car. Next, Adriene plans to take Tigger on a trip to visit family for Christmas

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