Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Blogmas Day 23 - Christmas Shopping

Christmas is often a time to show people your love for them and their love for you and its always the thought of the gift that matters not how much it cost. This year I set up my card a week or so before I begun buying things for Christmas. Just like most people out of their I've struggled a lot with what to get people.

I did however spend £15 on a jumper a friend had said she liked and wanted, she sneakily opened it before Christmas and told me she loved it, thankfully. However it didn't fit her, even worse for me it would cost mt another £10 to send it to Belgium (not its origin) just to swap it for the next size up. My other friend came to my rescue and has taken the jumper for her sister and is going to give me the money for it.

I'm not sure what I will get her now, maybe the same jumper the next size up or something completely different but the same amount of thought and effort will go into finding her something she will adore just as much as she did the jumper.

Although I struggled with finding gifts for people I've become aware of the fact its so much fun to buy people gifts that make you laugh and will definitely make them laugh, just sharing a part of how much you care with them is one of the most magnificent things that can be experienced.

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