Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19 - Am I Ill?

Besides the bad left knee and the getting bad right knee, the sometimes painful right hip I'm physically fine.

It's Christmas time and I feel near to no Christmas spirit. There are days I get little bursts of excitement in my stomach and shower in Christmas cheer but then there are days I just wish to be done with it all. Take down the tree pack it back into the loft and not hear another Christmas song.

But I guess this is how it goes so besides my physical pain I'm growing older, and Christmas is becoming less of a big thing for me.  Last year was the same and I wish I could spend every day in the run up to Christmas being full of cheer but I'm not Peter Pan. However I do hope to enjoy all of the love Christmas moments I get because there will come a day I won't get any of those moments.

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