Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1 - Staying Warm This Winter.

Although winter is a great time to experience beautiful landscapes and for some, exhilarating snow sports, it can also be dangerous for people who aren't prepared for the cold or are simply too stubborn to admit they're a little cold. In this guide I will tell you how to keep warm this winter. This will be a guide for Males and Females so lets get to it

Don't be afraid to layer up, base layers are important, although layers may cause you to sweat, its better to be too warm and be able to take of a layer instead of being too cold and unable to warm up. Cotton is one of the most popular base layers eve though apparently is isn't a good base layer but a good one is in fact Merino Wool as it transfers moisture and retains heat well.

Follow your base layer with anything you normally wear, whether it be a shirt or t shirt etc, obviously if its warm enough this can be worn as your only layer but if it is indeed colder than usual, let this be your second layer if the first layer does in fact apply to you.

Don't forget your top layer, a puffy jacket, it supplies a lot of warmth and is lightweight so that you don't feel weighed down by all of the layers.

if applicable to you, don't forget your hat, scarves and gloves, even though they can be fiddly, they are worth the warmth and protection from the elements.


After a hard day out facing the elements and you strip yourself free from the several layers and you want to relax, take a warm shower and warm your towels on the radiator as you wash so they're warm and comfy when you need to use the.

Dress in your regular pyjamas, even if they are quite thin, add a pair of woolly slipper socks or slippers to it. Don't forget the fluffy dressing gown over the top and even if that isn't enough, turn on the fire, or heating and relax and drink a warm drink.

I hope you all stay warm this winter and hopefully this is more common sense than needing me to tell you, but I really do hope you stay warm and cosy even if you do need me to tell you how. don't forget HUGS ALSO GENERATE HEAT.

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