Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas Day 24 - Blogmas Experience

So I've posted every single day of December and runs until now or for others, till Christmas time. Blogmas has been such an enjoyable experience I didn't think I would initially enjoy it but I loved every day of it, it gave me a change to be spontaneous and somewhat out of my comfort zone with the topics.

It did stress me out at times when I was unable to think of topics to talk about each day but I always came out on top and hopefully you've all enjoyed reading my Blogmas posts, if you'd like you could leave Blogmas post ideas for Christmas 2016.

Hopefully you will also join me for Blolgmas 2016 (sounds really weird when I say that) and hopefully it will be as much as a wonderful experience as it has been this year.

Have A Great Christmas Eve and to those who wont visit my blog tomorrow Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and I'll see you for the New Year.

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