Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas Day 20 - I'm So Forgetful

Okay so am I the only one that  can eat the Christmas calendar every day for the first week of December and then suddenly forget you even own a calendar and then when you re realise, you have to eat like 13 chocolates in one sitting to be back up to date? because recently I've had to eat a weeks worth of them.

Besides that I'm just as forgetful, I mean a while back I would leave for school and lock the door, get to my bus stop and then forget if I actually locked the door, I would fall into a pit of panic when I got on the bus without going back to check. It would often result in calling my dad who would be a little mad because he would have to leave work to go and check, or I would face to panic throughout the day and then get home to a perfectly locked day. Somehow I've managed to overcome that but that's probably down to leaving 14 minutes before your bus comes even though the stop is like 2 minutes away just in case I do forget so I have time to check.

I can walk into a room and forget why I walked in so I either walk right out or walk around that room just to make it out like I did something I needed to do until I remember.

The joys of forgetting.

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