Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas Day 3 - My Christmas Routine.

Hopefully those out there have a certain routine that you execute on Christmas day, mine is almost exactly the same each year without fail.

Well on Christmas eve sometimes me and my sister receive a pair of pyjamas to wear overnight and into the morning of the following day.

We often prepare the pigs in blankets and stuffing balls before we go to bed so that we don't have to prepare it the following day but sometimes we do prepare them on the actual day.

First of all on Christmas day, I'm awake at around 8am, no matter how old I get I always seem to wake up really early each Christmas. Maybe it's anticipation of the contents of the room below me.

We all wait until around 9am when were all awake and downstairs before we unwrap our presents. We usually spend 30 minutes to up to an hour unwrapping sue to the overload of presents my mother receives from work and the children she works with.

Once that's all over with we let the dogs unwrap their gifts, yes they unwrap their own presents and no they don't eat the paper, our oldest dog likes to rip it off and spit it out but our younger dog is yet to aster the rip and spit process.

Usually after that we thank each other and pass round hugs and kisses and then messages of thanks to others and then we go our separate ways for a little while to look over what we've received. (sometimes when me and my sister go upstairs there is an extra gift on our beds but I'm not really thinking that there will be one of those this year.)

After a time apart we will go downstairs dressed in some sort of Christmas jumper and watch a little Christmas themed TV before putting the Christmas dinner in the oven.

Its not until its nearly ready to serve do we set the table, sometimes the table stays in the kitchen but sometimes we move it into the front room. We enjoy our food and clear up the plates afterwards and if the table is moved we move it back.

The washing up isn't done for a few hours because after dinner sometimes we sleep or sometimes we stay up and watch more Christmas themed TV. But once the washing up is done and everything is put away, a turkey and beetroot sandwich or maybe turkey and stuffing sandwich is in order. (of course) and then more TV.

The rest of the day just seems to melt away by then and then its time for another round of thank you's and kisses before bed and then the wonderful day of Christmas is over and the countdown for New Year begins.

What is your Christmas Routine?? Let me know in the comments below.

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