Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blogmas Day 13 - A Letter To 11 Year Old Me.

There are many times in my life that I've wanted to go back and change something so the outcome would be different. Most mistakes were made at a young age but I've grown and become a somewhat better person because i learned from those mistakes. However some mistakes were made that took me in the opposite direction and that's why today for Day 13 of Blogmas, I'll be writing a letter to the 11 year old version of myself.

Dear Younger Me,

By now you've just begun secondary school and sorry to spoil your fun but you'll move schools again in a few years. But whilst you are where you are, don't be afraid of not fitting in, I know that from new experiences, not fitting in, and standing out from the crowd is much better for you. Also, those people you currently are calling friends? you'll only be in contact with two of them in 6 years time.

Academically in your first secondary school, you'll do fine but its when you move schools that you will begin to struggle except for in English and Business, stick with them, work hard on them its truly worth it.In the final two years of secondary school, you will experience wonderful family reunion, amazing friendships, heart wrenching loss and amazement. Although this all may sound a little far fetched, I'm telling you that everything you will experience throughout your life up until our paths merge, will help make you into a better person, you just need to use the power of strength in the right way.

And for what happens after secondary school? listen to mom, don't think otherwise or else you'll miss out on some of the best friendships you will ever have, the course you end up choosing isn't terrible but isn't marvellous but its worth the effort you put in which when it comes to writing is a lot.

You just need to keep your head up, stand up and stand out, you are not defined by your height, weight, hair colour or sexuality. You are you, and lets face it, that makes you amazing.

From Me.

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