Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - My Fall/Autumn TBR

Something - Shelby Lamb
The Girl Inbetween - Laekan Zea Kemp
Ravens Fall - Lincoln Cole
Left alive - Jeremy Laszlo
Children of the after awakening - Jeremy Laszlo
The Atlantis Trilogy - A.G. Riddle
Death at the Seaside - Frances Brody
The Girl on the train - Paula Hawkins
Eden summer - liz Flanagan
On the other side - Carrie Hope Fletcher

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ascent: Second Book Of The Nameless Chronicle - M.T.Miller


You are walking along a railroad track through the wasteland. You are alone. You have no name. Your pockets contain a fortune in money taken from your opponents, as well as their weapons.
You have been walking for some time, and your stamina is draining—you need to kill someone soon.
Behind you: the grave you rose from, a massacre of your doing, and the lifeless body of your only friend. Somewhere before you: the mysterious Pyramid that might hold the secret to your past and abilities.
The Pyramid appears on the horizon, a massive structure containing four levels. You must make your way to the top to have a chance of discovering your identity. You approach the gate, manned by armed guards. What do you do next?


After loving the first book so much, M.T.Miller offered me the chance to read the second in the series, I of course took him up on the offer and said a huge Yes. From the moment I finished Risen and reviewed it back in February of this year, I was sat on the edge of my seat waiting for book 2 and I wasn't let down with what I got once my wait was over.

Ascent picks up right where Risen ends, if you haven't read Risen and want to begin reading Ascent, I can personally say don't skip book 1, althouth massively shorter you can develop ties to Nameless and begin to understand all that has happened to him and how it effcts him. But as I said Ascent picks up where Risen ends, Nameless is heading in the direction of the Pyramid to find answers to his powers and his nature and identity, once there eveything pretty much kicks off from there on out.

The pyramid is actually the city of Babylon and he must pay his way inside, Babylon is a 4 level hierarchy  (I wont explain all of the levels, got to leave something a mystery haven't I?), ground level is known as the Slums, there are very to no rules there and Nameless adopts a name and makes a little money there and buys his way up to the second tier. There he turns his need of revenge into a source of income by fidning a job which works hand in hand with his skills, this time its 100% legal to an extent. This then leads him to the Third Level, he then aquires a new job which is by far more risky and those he works with aren't very trustworthy.

We meet more characters through the story, one of them called Rush, whom is chemically modified, who really peaked my interest. There is also a woman called Lydia and I can say I was really drawn to her and the fact she was so mysterious and very secretive about her job (you'll find out why if you read the book). some are bound to dislike the amount of time Lydia actually gets in the book but I thought it was a perfect amount and I was perfectly okay with what we got to see of her.

Overall this book was full of violence, pretty great fight scenes, and a post-apocalyptic culture that's familiar. I really loved how padded out this book was compared to the first one but maybe book 1 was Miller testing the water which is perfectly okay. I can say its and easy 5/5 for me. I really enjoy the way Miller writes and the things he writes really hold me. I cant wait to see more of Miller in the future, he's a really great writer and has an obvious talent.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - All About Audio freebie

I've only ever had one audiobook and that was The Hobbit, and I listened to it like 8 times and it was like 8 hours long or something silly but I'd listen to it in bed, sometimes I would fall asleep but that's okay because I would dream about it.

On this basis alone I don't have a list, I don't know how to judge which book I would like to hear I guess I'm just really weird when it comes to a book book/audio combinations, if I don't click to the book instantly because of the voice I can't do it.

Id really love to have more audio books so if there are any suggestions as to which book etc., id love to hear in the comments below. In the mean time please head over to The Broke And The Bookish and check out their list and also the blogs submitting their blog posts for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Girl Of Ink and Stars - Kiran Millwood Hargrave



Forbidden to leave her island, Isabella Riosse dreams of the faraway lands her father once mapped.

When her closest friend disappears into the island’s Forgotten Territories, she volunteers to guide the search. As a cartographer’s daughter, she’s equipped with elaborate ink maps and knowledge of the stars, and is eager to navigate the island’s forgotten heart.

But the world beyond the walls is a monster-filled wasteland – and beneath the dry rivers and smoking mountains, a legendary fire demon is stirring from its sleep. Soon, following her map, her heart and an ancient myth, Isabella discovers the true end of her journey: to save the island itself.


The story takes place on the Isle of Joya, an island with a mythical past as a floating island. There is a mythical tale that everyone living on Joya knows, one that involves a girl-warrior named Arinta and a fire demon Yote.

In the present day, we come to know that the island is now divided following the arrival of a rather threatening Governor named Adori who is for the most part, for some unknown reason now the ruler of the island. You're either on the Governor' side of the island or the other side where Forgotten Territories are. Our protagonist, Isabella, lives on Adori's side. She is, unsurprisingly, best friends with Adori's daughter Lupe.

I have to admit that I adored the cover and the pages throughout the book, they were so adorable I loved them just slightly less than I did the book itself. I grew slightly attached to Lupe and Isabella as well as Pablo but somehow the connection didn't feel complete, like I was missing more information about them but I admired their strength and determination and bravery.

The relationships between characters were expressed well and as the reader you do get a real sense of the emotional links between each of them. The unconditional friendship between Isabella and Lupe was what really helped pull the story together;despite the differences in their background and upbringing, their bond goes beyond that and the two formed a strong and sweet relationship. I adored the relationship Isabella had with her Da, as I myself have a very close relationship with my dad it was very warming to find part of myself within a 13 year old character. Not only that but I loved how her love for cartography gave both of them the chance to grow closer in times of heartbreak which only strengthened their bond.

The journey that Isa goes on to find Lupe is very interesting, as it gives more of an insight into the history of the island and that's great because I wanted more of it. I think in this case as the book is aimed at a younger audience the story is contained and quicker paced which explains my reason for not having a strong connection with the characters, but l enjoyed the world so much that I wanted to explore each and every part of it.

At it's heart, this book is very much about friendship and family, it's a 4/5 from me, I just really wished the book had been written for an older audience so that it was more in depth but for what it's worth I think Kiran did a great job for the audience she aimed at with a message of loyalty, bravery and friendship as well at it being her debut.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


I thought it best to be clear with you all, I haven't had much time this week to keep this blog at its usual standard.

I've recently been accepted to do 8 weeks work experience at a local book/craft store.
I work Monday to Thursday 9am til 5pm so I have very little time to read and when I do have time, I'm too tired to.

I want you all to stay with me, I'm trying my best to pre prepare for the coming weeks so that my content can be it's usual quality.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - ALL TIME Favorite Books

The Edge Of Juniper
Geek Girl (series)
The Art Of Being Normal
The Before Now and After Then
Reasons To Stay Alive
Looking For Alaska
Will Grayson Will Grayson
The Fault In Our Stars

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Ravens Peak (World On Fire Series #1) - Lincoln Cole



A quiet little mountain town is hiding a big problem. When the townsfolk of Raven's Peak start acting crazy, Abigail Dressler is called upon to discover the root of the evil affecting people. She uncovers a demonic threat unlike any she's ever faced and finds herself in a fight just to stay alive.

Abigail rescues Haatim Arison from a terrifying fate and discovers that he has a family legacy in the supernatural that he knows nothing about. Now she's forced to protect him, which is easy, but also to trust him if she wants to save the townsfolk of Raven's Peak. Trust, however, is something hard to have for someone who grew up living on the knife's edge of danger.

Can they discover the cause of the town's insanity and put a stop to it before it is too late?


Lincoln had contacted me early June asking if id like to read Ravens Peak and give an honest review, I said yes of course and added it to my list to be read but I eventually got around to it.

It all begins with reverend Arthur who within seconds had me asking all sorts of questions about his character. I loved that about Arthur, he was a mystery. He receives a visitor named Freida who rings familiar to him and upon meeting with her not only does Arthurs story begin but so does the journey.
It turns out Arthur is a demon hunter and he wants revenge for the death of Abigail, someone he thought of as his daughter. However, he soon learns that Abigail isn't dead but possessed and in the act of saving her ( after an epic scene that Supernatural would be proud of), Arthur is banished to Hell.

Five months later we see the world through Abigail's eyes, and she works for a secret organisation called the Council. In a series of events that end up with Abigail gaining a sidekick called Haatim, they travel across America trying to get to Ravens Peak which has 2 versions. One is an old town within the forest that now acts as a camping ground whilst the second is a modern version.
All Abigail wants to do now is save Arthur, but at first glance it seems like more trouble than its worth.

The action is really great throughout this book and especially the parts based within Ravens Peak, I loved both of the characters and really started to feel emotionally attached to them. I loved how the characters changed from what hey were at the beginning, Haatim begins as an inexperienced and fragile youth to them becoming confident and better equipped to deal with what is going on around him. Abigail begun being independent and slightly stubborn but by the end barriers have been broken down which makes her more loveable.

 Lincoln wastes no words in his writing, every sentence is added because it is needed to progress the story. I was fully immersed throughout and cannot fault Lincoln's writing at any point, I loved the fact there was unexpected twists in the plot and action packed scenes that moved along quickly so the story could progress further.

Has to be a 5/5 for this book and I really can not wait to see what happens next in the World On Fire Series.


Thursday, 8 September 2016

I'm selling

The time has now come where i must create space on my bookshelf. That indeed means getting rid of some books.

The books are now up sorry sale. 

The Spooks Apprentice - Joseph Delaney
Itch - Simon Mayo

Each book has only been read once and have near to no damage to them besides what occurred before I got ahold of them.

Each book is £3 each and £3 for postage and packaging. Unfortunately due to the P&P it's only possible for me to send to other places within the UK unless you are willing to pay extra if you are living elsewhere.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Favourite TV Shows

The Walking Dead and its spin off Fear The Walking Dead

True Blood





American Horror Story




Dr Who

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Edge Of Juniper - Lora Richardson



“You’re off-limits, so why can’t I stop thinking about you?”

Fay Whitaker, sixteen years old and yearning for adventure, is excited to spend the summer with her fearless cousin Celia in small-town Juniper, Indiana.

But Fay soon discovers that her summer home is not what she expected. She is alarmed by her uncle’s temper, and learns of the grudge he holds against the Dearing family. Celia handles the tension at home by escaping with her boyfriend, leaving Fay with time on her hands—time that leads her straight to Malcolm Dearing, off-limits because of his last name. Fay is captivated by Malcolm’s warmth and intensity. She finds that trying to stay away from him only makes her think of him more.

Fay and Celia are launched on a journey, and each must attempt to navigate the thrilling and unpredictable world of love. Everything Fay thinks she knows about love is put to the test, as relationships unfold and reveal themselves in ways she never before dreamed.


I have to declare that Lora contacted me and asked if I was interested in reading her new book if it was something id like to read. This came after she had contacted me what seems like a long time ago offering a copy of her first book Outspoken for a honest review. I said yes to reading her second book The Edge Of Juniper, and this is what I have to say.

First off I have to say once I saw the book cover and then matched it to the characters actual ages I felt like they were written either 2 years too young or pictured 2 years older.

Fay was almost instantly attached to me, or me to her, whichever way you choose to say it. at the age of 16 she had a really strong  mind set and sense of independence. I really enjoyed the fact that when around her cousin Celia, and talking deep conversations she doesn't hold back with how she really feels and that kind of goes all the way through the book and it was great to see her not lose any part of herself.

Celia alone poked at my heart, she was blinded to some things going on and it only took her cousin to stay longer than 1 week to gain clarity, she is the big sister to Abe and although declare she hates him, to me she screams she adores him and would give anything for him to not have witnessed all she and he have.

Malcolm was not the cliché character I first thought he would be and I liked that a lot, he was very much all I ever wanted in a guy yet alone what good old fictional Fay wanted in a boyfriend. He was very understanding and caring. His best friend Paul didn't have a lot of time in the book compared to the other characters but when he was involved, it always helped the story progress that little bit more. Don't get me started on Ronan...please don't.

Unfortunately we don't see much of Freya or Finn who are the twin best friend's of Faye, id of liked to have seen more of them to get an even tighter grip on the strength of their friendship than what I had when they were first introduced and each time they made an appearance.

The development of Malcolm and Faye as well as Celia was so perfect I think I could cry if I had any tears to actually cry, I believe it was that good.

Yet again Lora has produced a book focused on problems that are really happening around the world, parent issues like separation and violence. What I also adore about this book is the fact it also talks about how the children involved in those relationships also feel like they have to carry the weight of the issue and fix it by themselves.

Throughout the eight weeks that Fay stays with her cousins, she slowly learns about herself and what she always believed love and family to be. Her view on them is changes, only for the better.

The book also covers the topic of losing your virginity, now this is an important topic in young relationships yet alone older relationships. Lora takes this opportunity to go down both paths of a virgin teenager, the 1st, being prepared and losing your virginity with your partner as well as the 2nd path where you aren't ready to engage in that level of intimacy and how to approach that topic of conversation with your partner. I love this because it lets readers know that if you are ready and your partner is too then that's okay and if you aren't ready and your partner is accepting of that, that is also okay.

The book gets a 5 frome me, there's no doubt about it, the book is easy to get into a read and isn't too long either, a definite recommendation to anyone.

Lora teaches me a lesson or a few through her writing and I'm wishing her all the luck in the world with all of her writing. I feel very fortunate to have been able to read both of Lora's work and I can not thank her enough for trusting me enough to allow me to.

Refreshing, heartwarming and a pinch of well timed sarcasm

Thursday, 1 September 2016

That One Word

There's one word I hate to hear.
It burns my ears and tears up my insides.
A reflex word, 5 letters in total.

Done something horrible?
bumped into someone in the supermarket?
hurt someone?
what are you?
what do you become?

The word I dislike hearing.
a lie of its own
bitter on the tellers tongue.
it doesn't stop you from doing it again.