Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ascent: Second Book Of The Nameless Chronicle - M.T.Miller


You are walking along a railroad track through the wasteland. You are alone. You have no name. Your pockets contain a fortune in money taken from your opponents, as well as their weapons.
You have been walking for some time, and your stamina is draining—you need to kill someone soon.
Behind you: the grave you rose from, a massacre of your doing, and the lifeless body of your only friend. Somewhere before you: the mysterious Pyramid that might hold the secret to your past and abilities.
The Pyramid appears on the horizon, a massive structure containing four levels. You must make your way to the top to have a chance of discovering your identity. You approach the gate, manned by armed guards. What do you do next?


After loving the first book so much, M.T.Miller offered me the chance to read the second in the series, I of course took him up on the offer and said a huge Yes. From the moment I finished Risen and reviewed it back in February of this year, I was sat on the edge of my seat waiting for book 2 and I wasn't let down with what I got once my wait was over.

Ascent picks up right where Risen ends, if you haven't read Risen and want to begin reading Ascent, I can personally say don't skip book 1, althouth massively shorter you can develop ties to Nameless and begin to understand all that has happened to him and how it effcts him. But as I said Ascent picks up where Risen ends, Nameless is heading in the direction of the Pyramid to find answers to his powers and his nature and identity, once there eveything pretty much kicks off from there on out.

The pyramid is actually the city of Babylon and he must pay his way inside, Babylon is a 4 level hierarchy  (I wont explain all of the levels, got to leave something a mystery haven't I?), ground level is known as the Slums, there are very to no rules there and Nameless adopts a name and makes a little money there and buys his way up to the second tier. There he turns his need of revenge into a source of income by fidning a job which works hand in hand with his skills, this time its 100% legal to an extent. This then leads him to the Third Level, he then aquires a new job which is by far more risky and those he works with aren't very trustworthy.

We meet more characters through the story, one of them called Rush, whom is chemically modified, who really peaked my interest. There is also a woman called Lydia and I can say I was really drawn to her and the fact she was so mysterious and very secretive about her job (you'll find out why if you read the book). some are bound to dislike the amount of time Lydia actually gets in the book but I thought it was a perfect amount and I was perfectly okay with what we got to see of her.

Overall this book was full of violence, pretty great fight scenes, and a post-apocalyptic culture that's familiar. I really loved how padded out this book was compared to the first one but maybe book 1 was Miller testing the water which is perfectly okay. I can say its and easy 5/5 for me. I really enjoy the way Miller writes and the things he writes really hold me. I cant wait to see more of Miller in the future, he's a really great writer and has an obvious talent.

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