Thursday, 7 January 2016

Positive Headline - Young Boy Brings Food To Police In A 16 Hour Stand Off

Colt Vinson is 4 years old and comes from Yukon, Oklahoma and late last month he and his parents who were on their way to dinner, drove past a 16 hour stand off. Colt was worried that the officers were out in the cold would be hungry and so enlisted the help of his moither Jillian Vinson to get two chain establishments to donate food in the form of pizza and coffee to the officers.

Colt and his family took the food and drink to the officers and they were touched by colts act of kindness.

"Your overwhelming generosity was appreciated, and made a stressful situation a little easier," the Oklahoma City Police Department wrote in a Facebook post addressing the 4-year-old and commending him on his thoughtful action.

According to the Facebook post that the departments had put up, the officers had to work longer hours due to the standoff. 4 year old Colt who is a pizza fan himself thought hat the cheesy stuff would be a great food tot give to the working officers. Vinson told news source Huffington Post that they thought to get the coffee with it, as they figured it would keep the officers awake and warm in the cold.

Once receiving the pizza and coffee the police officers returned the act by introducing Colt to the captains and chaplains and they also gave him a badge.

The gesture was a simple one, but the officers' outpouring of gratitude as well as their public show of appreciation on social media showed the 4-year-old that generosity doesn't go unnoticed.

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