Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dead To The World - Charlaine Harris.

Dead To The World is book number 4 in the True Blood series  which is now a very well known TV series. In this book we see Bill and Sookie being civil with each other after all of the happenings of the last book which lead to their parting. Bill goes to Peru, letting Sookie know of this leaves her thinking about him every now and then.

But after a long New Years Eve party at Merlots, Sookie is driving home when she finds a half naked Eric Northman running down the road. It soon comes to her attention he has no memory and is in huge danger. Sookie being Sookie takes him home and cares for him, but a day later when Pam and Chow turn up Jason Stackhouse bargains for payment for his sisters service and within 24 hours goes missing. Sending Sookie into a panic over her missing brother, finds a distraction in the new Eric.

This is also a book where yet another kind is bought into the world of Sookie Stackhouse, Witches who happen to be Werewolves. Eric has been cursed by Hallow who wants him for her own and offers a reward for any tip leading to his capture by her. Whilst he sleeps she makes enquiries in Hotshot, where the girl Jason was seen celebrating new years with, proves fruitless, though she is courted by Calvin Norris, the leader in the area. Sookie then travels to Shreveport to meet with Alcide Herveaux, the Were who helped her when she was looking for Bill.

Without giving away too much of the plot, the book is action packed and very brilliant to read. I always see myself there, joining in with Sookie, minus the sexual moments but always with her through each lonely moment and action packed one. Seeing the venerable side of Eric added to the emotional feel of the book, it was great to see, to see him completely unprotected. He cared for Sookie no matter what.

I must admit that this book entertained me more than I was expecting. What will shock most people is that I liked not seeing a lot of Bill in this book, it kind of switched the focus a little bit and added some variation where he wasn't always there. The books speeds along very nicely and its easy to keep up with what is happing. It introduces us to new characters and experiences.

It is a great read, full of action and humour and very easy to get into, I give it 5/5 like its previous books and recommend it to all the same people. Even if the books don't seem to be your thing, maybe give the TV series a shot.

Dead As A Doorbell with be the next Charlaine Harris book I will review here on the blog.

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