Saturday, 2 January 2016

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris

Before Christmas my auntie bought over the 'True Blood' series books alongside all of our Christmas presents and I managed to get straight into it. I have 11 of the books in total but I will try to split up the series reviews as good as I can.

Dead Until dark is the first book in the series and as mentioned above, it is now an amazing (if I may say so myself) multi series TV show True Blood. I didn't however know there were books to the series until I finished watching all of the TV episodes. Thankfully the episodes are not perfect translations of the book. Although I have already experienced and am familiar to the Sookie Stackhouse life, I'm hooked on these books.

Although I'm a huge Young Adult, Coming Of Age book reader, I'm really in love and somehow feeling refreshed as I read this Paranormal/Mystery/Fantasy. it is a great break for me and well, a new experience.

I do love Sookie in this series, her voice in a sense. She's old enough to know who she is and to have a idea of what is right and wrong but not so old that she cant change the events that she finds herself in. Somehow I feel quite sad about how she considers her Telepathy as a disability, and how she is firm in her belief as it being a defect. Most of us hypothetically would love to have Telepathy as a part of us but as I read on I begin to see how Sookie doesn't want it as a part of her life, she doesn't want to have the power or skill to know everyone's secrets and possible power over them. To me this makes her appealing to me, I think ill always be a sucker for main characters who don't want the power they have because I'm not such of a sucker for power hungry ones.

Sookie has always got a first instinct to do the right thing, may it be helping out a friend or family or someone, a stranger in need of help. She does these things without wanting attention for it. She hates to complain and never whines, just moves forward,  it's just part of who she is and so it her no nonsense outlook.

As a whole Dead Until Dark is a great read. Having Sookie's point of view means we get just enough detail, but nothing that it too over the top. So when it came to violence or sexual encounters throughout the book, they were described but were not overly explicit like you would find it else where. Its a great balance to see especially when there is a TV adaptation of it all.

I really did enjoy this novel, that much so I immediately begun reading the second book, Living Dead In Dallas which I will review here in the near future. I give the book a rating of 5/5 and recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the show or just wants a new genre to sink their teeth into.

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