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Club Dead - Charlaine Harris

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris


Club Dead is the third book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Early on in the book Sookie realises that Bill is distant with her, spending more time on the computer than alone with her investing himself in their relationship. He drops a bombshell that he's going away for a while and then pushes Sookie away further. Once Bill is gone Sookie goes on with her life, before Bill is kidnapped and to find him it requires Sookie to once again dive into the other half of her life that has only existed since she dated Bill, the life threatening, extreme side of her life.

Throughout the book Sookie seems to of matured and become more intelligent and more efficient with her telepathy and seems to know more ways of using to help her in situations she's in. Alongside Sookie we get to experience the heartache she suffers from being away from Bill and now introduced to a werewolf who is trusted to keep her safe.

In the story we learn more about the Vampire world and the world of Werewolves and shifters as Sookie travels with a Werewolf named Alcide to Mississippi to find Bill who is in danger. Of course, Sookie is having to enter dangerous waters as it is most likely that the Vampire King of Missippi that has Bill. Louisana vampires cannot help as they are tied with the Vampire Queen of Lousiana and a war would break out.

There is a large amount of sexual tension throughout the book, Sookie lusts for Bill but finds herself attracted to Alcide and his animal magnetism, and even then she shows signs of being attracted to the good old boss of Bill, Eric.

I love how Charlaine managed to create such a bond between both a telepathic human and a werewolf and bring both worlds together whilst working together to save a man from a separate kind. I have to admit this book was a little more intense than the others so far, it seemed to be more action packed and at parts I'd be hit in the face by surprise.

Once again I have to award the book a 5/5 so far the series has been a great one and for all three so far to of scored 5/5 each time is a great start. I recommend this series to anyone who's into vampires and such kinds. 

Dead To The World is the 4th book in the series and it will also be the next review on this blog. I hope you'll come back to visit. 

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