Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Mysterious Call

My eyes shoot open, the obnoxious ringing of my cell on my night stand awoke me and was already becoming annoying. I squint at the clock.
"Who would want to call me at midnight?" grumble reaching towards my table and slapping around several times before finally reaching the cell phone.

"Unknown Number, Great." I huff and answer the call, I place the phone to my ear and the caller stars immediately.

"There is a car waiting for you outside your house. Get inside, you don't want to ignore this." The voice deep and groggy. The call ends and as soon as it does my spouse beside me rolls over.

"Everything okay?" she asks, her eyes squinting to find me in the darkness.

"Yes, just sudden urge for the bathroom." I smile at her even though she probably cant see me.

The bathroom was at the end of our bed, I could easily grab clothes on my way there and wait until she's asleep to sneak out. The tone the man had spoke in had told me he was serious, something bad was going to happen if I didn't go, so I had one choice and it would save everyone trouble.

Clara rolls back over and I lean and kiss her cheek as she does so, her sleepy giggle then quickly turned into deep breathing, she had gone back to sleep just like that. I slowly climb out of the warmth of my bed, taking my phone with me I put on the jeans that lay at the bottom of my bed, close to falling to the floor. I shuffle them on one leg at a time and push my phone into my shoes by the bathroom door.

I brush my teeth in the dark and grab a random t shirt out of the open dresser as I pass by and our of the bedroom. I quickly steal another glance at Clara as she slept before slowly descending the stairs. I pull my jacket off the hook and open the door. The cold midnight wind was blowing and so I pull on the jacket on the door step and slowly and quietly close the door.

"I love you." I say, not like Clara could hear me but it was worth a shot.
True to his word, there was a small blacked out car at the end of my driveway and the driver got out as he saw me approach, looking left a right to see if anyone was around or looking.

"Its for the best." he grumbles when I get close enough to hear and he opens the back door and I climb in. He returns to his seat and pulls away from my house. I watch it disappear and I stay silent. The car cruises away and in my silence the driver finds his inquisitive side but doesn't ask any questions either. The truth is I didn't want to know what was about to happen, I just hoped it would be over quick.

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