Thursday, 7 April 2016

I Can Hear You

Three months ago, I was involved in a terrible car accident, a drunk driver had been behind the wheel of a fast traveling pick up truck driving the wrong way up the road which I happened to be traveling up. By the time I swerved my car out of his path, he had hit his brakes a lot slower than he could have and spun his wheel the wrong direction, following me onto the grassy bank before ploughing into my side of the car. I've been in a coma ever since, but unknown to anyone, I can hear everything they say.  Everything.

The beeping of the machines, the constant whoosh of the machines as they pump the oxygen into my lungs had become the background noise now, every day I would receive visitors. Today was my Parents, my partner Jason and my work colleague Sarah's turn.

I heard them quietly walk into the room not saying a single word, someone placing a glass vase on the side table where so many others had done the exact same over the months.

"You've got to wake up soon baby doll." Jason says, the anger towards the drink driver in his voice, the genuine need for me to pull through, barely showed.

"They're exploring the possibility of shutting down your machines, you've been under too long." my mother sobs from my left side as my dad holds my left hand offering a reassuring squeeze. It broke my heart to hear all of it, I wanted to pull through, I've been trying a long hell of a time to pull through and to make it out of this damn coma but nothing worked. Jason's hand was cold on my right hand, he was always cold, I wish I could tell him to warm up before touching anyone.

"You've got this, you can pull through this." Sarah urges me on

"Thanks Sarah, I'm trying." I sarcastically think to myself.

The room falls silent for what seems like a long 3 hours but it had only been 20 minutes, everyone had sat down around me, like a sacred shrine. Everyone had ran out of things to say now, but I had a lot to say, like how Sarah and Jason had the balls to sit around pretending to care when two and a half months ago, they stood alone in the room once my sister and brother had left for tea before speaking about what they would do to each other when they were behind closed door later on.

Then my mind begun to run wild, the anger burning in me, boiling my blood, I wanted to pull through just to rip them both apart. My chest begun to burn now, my throat filled with pipes I begun to choke. The machines begun going haywire, the visitors sprang to their feet calling for the nurses who ran in to aid me. I was coming around, my anger had awoken me. If I had known this two months ago, I'd of been awake by now.

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