Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Gemini Effect - Chuck Grossart


A single raindrop opens a Pandora’s box when the spawn of perverse genetic research performed during World War II is unleashed on an unsuspecting modern world. By dawn, only a dead city remains, eerily quiet and still, except for mutant beasts that hide from the light, multiply, and await the shadows of night to continue their relentless advance.

Ordered to investigate the unfolding crisis, bio warfare specialist Carolyn Ridenour barely escapes the creatures’ nocturnal onslaught, saved in the nick of time by Colonel Garrett Hoffman, who lost hundreds of his troops to a swarm that neither bombs nor bullets can stop.
As Carolyn and Garrett race to stop the plague, a battered and broken government prepares to release the fury of America’s nuclear arsenal on its own soil and its own citizens.


I have to admit that I was sceptical, I thought it was going to be the typical infection outbreak story.    I WAS WRONG.

The story follows several people/ groups across America. I loved each character as they played their parts so well. The synopsis got me hooked after I was convinced of it being the typical story. As a debut novel, Chuck knocked the ball right out of the park.

The mix of science, war, military, politics and gore, I fell in love. I found the novel truly gripping and jam packed with action and near misses. I adored the beginning of the novel, and how the biochemical weapon was introduced to the story. You get the full back story to that day where everything then goes down hill after it was accidently left in a junk yard, mistakenly not incinerated like it was supposed to have been. It was a very interesting part of the book, it had be hooked even though I could sense it wasn't going to be a good thing that it was mistakenly left there. The epilogue was okay for me, I would preferred to it to have happened some other way, I guess I just wasn't expecting it to happen that way after the whole of the book.

Some people disliked the book, some liked it a little but I liked it a lot and I can find a reason to have disliked it no matter how hard I think about it. I liked the character development and the sudden surprises in the plot. It kept me gripped and had me asking what next? Which was great. I found myself rooting for some characters, despising others once their characters were in the spotlight, and terrified of the horde that was sweeping the nation. 

I loved how the scientists within the story were smart and stayed away from the notion of  "Let me poke it in the name of science." because in this book that would be very much an insane thing to do. I loved how Carolyn was very informed about Gemini and could inform everyone else on it and come up with ideas worth trying. Thankfully the military personnel were not the average meat heads that some people would expect them to be. They were very aware of their situation and were portrayed with the emotions and intelligence, it was a relief for them to be portrayed this way instead of being the usual transparent robots they are portrayed as in other books.

I was glad it was the same old story, being unique helped my interest peak. I give it a 4/5. I hope there end up being a second book just because I think it would be nice to see how it would all have continued if there were more pages.

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