Thursday, 28 April 2016

Prompt #15

She pulls the knife from her chest, thin red blood pouring our from the wound, I expect to look to her face and find fear, but no. She's smiling.

"Oh darling was that supposed to hurt?" she taunts throwing the knife down to the kitchen floor.

"What the?" I question, my words caught in my throat, the fear I had expected in her now burning my chest.

"Cant kill whats already dead." she smiles covering the metre that I had gained between us in a second flat, the force of her body knocking me to the floor.

She pins me down, a laugh of pure evil filling her mouth, her wound pours blood onto my blue top, with her movements it spreads elsewhere but I cant move, her left hand grips tightly to my throat and I'm barely breathing, my senses dull and then fades into black.

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