Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thursday Thoughts - TV Series

So its October and for me that means the return of  two of my favourite TV series.

1: The Walking Dead Season 6. I've been with this show since its first ever episode and I've been a dedicated fan since and maybe this year I can attend Walker Stalker Con in London and possibly meet come of the cast.

2: American Horror Story: Hotel. Lady Gaga makes her appearance in the franchise and I'm looking forward to it. I managed to watch Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak Show within two months and I fell in love with it.

So those are my two favourite returning shows that I watch but I also know Supernatural is returning for its tenth season (October 7th) and that hopefully its going to be amazing.

I did recently begin to think about two other TV series that I had finished watching but had then been cancelled and they were Forever and The Following. I did become addicted to The Following and Kevin Bacon because I mean... I don't even know I just did. it was such a great franchise and I hope one day it can return alongside Forever. I loved how cute Forever actually was like all of the characters actually had emotions towards each other.

Recently a series started that is called Zoo. It is basically about animals that begin to fight back against the humans and its been really creative and great that I have to watch it.

Unfortunately unlike The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead hasn't been on my TV a lot. This isn't because its bad because after the one episode I did watch it was great. its just that my TV wouldn't record them because it was on BT Freeview and we had sky so it wouldn't work. I'm really looking forward to finding another way to watch it.

ALSO Fear The Walking Dead is The Walking Dead spinoff and I also believe there will be a spinoff from Fear The Walking Dead called Flight 462. This will be an online web series like The Walking dead had a mini online series a while back on AMC that I couldn't access (yay for the UK) but I hope it will be good.

I also want Gotham to return, I just loved how it showed us Gotham and its way of working before Batman became Batman and shows you what he endures as a kid.

So what TV series' do you watch? Any of your favourites been cancelled? if so what were they called?

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