Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Pets

When it comes to having pets there are pros and cons. Maybe the lists for both could go on forever but pets no matter which type they are they're company for when you feel lonely, they can brighten your day and sometimes show affection to you. but besides these things they teach you how to be responsible and independent  and provide entertainment as each pet animal has their own little personality to get to know.
Having a pet allows you to feel a sense of achievement when you see that they are healthy and content and after everything you end up, unknowingly to you, you gain more knowledge about the animal and you can help others who you know who have the same pet and need a help in hand with taking care of them.

To every good thing there are somewhat bad things. Some pets need a lot of attention and training which requires patience and time, and vets bills can be very expensive but vets are crucial to help maintain the health of the pet. Unfortunately some pets can smell and so your house may have an odour, but do not worry, everyone knows you cannot keep a pet smell free.

Recently one of my fish that I have had for many years begun to show signs that she was dying but I did a 25% water changed and cleaned the filter and she improved but like me you can gain very attached to your pet and so when they die you become very distressed. I started out with 4 fish and when two died on separate occasions I was very distressed, lets not even talk about a rabbit I had to give away and she later died of old age and I cried for a long time.
Keeping slightly sad, depending on the pet, they may not live very long but each pet tends to have different life spans. If you want the best for your pets or just in general, they can be expensive to take care of but surely its all worth it in the end. Although I've seen this to be very rare, its worth knowing, when certain pets grow old or have something to protect some may turn and become aggressive

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