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Memphis Hoodoo Murders - Kathryn Rogers

Title: Memphis Hoodoo Murders
Author: Kathryn Rogers
Publication Date: August 15th 2015
Publisher: Sartoris Literary Group
Available Editions: Paperbook, EBook

Book Synopsis:

People have been hunting down Addie Jackson's family her entire life. Now the people who have targeted her grandparents, Pop and Grandma, have their sights on her. The Memphis police have been unable to stop them because they have been bewitched to stay away by practitioners of a virulent strain of Memphis Hoodoo.

In her predictive dreams, Addie regularly sees future events which disturb her, but to her dismay, she has never been able to stop them from coming true. She often dreams of a dark character, who she is later shocked to discover is a devil from hoodoo legend known simply as the man.

Finally, knowing their deaths are imminent, Grandma makes a deal with the hoodoo devil to take care of Addie. After their murders, John, a family friend, steps in to help Addie, and she soon realises he knows more about her family's tainted past than she ever has. Addie begins receiving cryptic letters from her deceased grandmother, which reveal a shocking family history revolving around slavery, time travel and black magic.

If Addie can survive jail, her cousins abduction, threats from a menacing urban street gang named the Skullbangerz, corrupt law enforcement, and hoodooed attacks, maybe she can finally dream of a future where she will be safe and free.


I was contacted via email asking if I would like to review this book, of course I said yes and within two weeks I received a complimentary copy through the post. I was really excited to be getting this book and I'm not sure why. I guess it was down to the fact I wondered what it has in store for me.

Addie is 20 years old and living with her grandparents Pap and Grandma and she knows they have secrets and she wants to know them all but they're are reluctant to share them with her for now. Addie also has these dreams that predict the future, and its soon revealed why she has these dreams, but the contents of her dreams always come true with very creepy precision. Pap and Grandma are the sort of grandparents I'd love to have, well beside the hoodoo stuff, they're very wise and caring when it comes to Addie and they always protect her no matter the cost. John is much like her grandparents even though he hasn't know her before the day they meet, he has her do everything he says knowing its the only way to keep her safe but after an event leaves both of them in jail Addie finally meets the dark man in her Dream, The Man. Without spoiling it he is man I'd love to have in my life, caring and honest, and what I like, mysterious. Addie has a best friend called Keisha who is always there to support her and has done since they were young after saving Addie from kidnappers. The pair share and unbreakable bond as Keisha is the only person to know how weird Addie's grandparents really are but once they die the friendship begins to become strained due to a lack of communication and the relationship is tested.

I was excited to read this book, the mention of Hoodoo had me interested straight away, its always been something I loved to think about alongside voodoo. I was excited when I begun reading it, I was simply unable to put it down and even when I did I was itching to pick it up again. For some reason I loved the feel of the cover and maybe that was part of the reason I was barely able to put the book down.

My one point I have to say about this book is that towards the end it seemed to all come at once, throughout the book its all dragged out for a perfect time but in the last 43 pages or so everything just seemed to happen one after another, continuously and I was barely able to keep my head wrapped around it all but it all played out perfectly and I came to not really mind about it much as it all seemed to be necessarily rushed, it needed to be as fast paced as it was and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I can honestly say I recommend this book to anyone and I mean anyone 16+ no matter what genre you're into because I'm mostly known for reading YA all of the time but this book really got me so maybe it will interest you, after all it does cast a spell on you. I have to rate this book a 4.7/5 just down to the fact of I'm recovering from a fast paced final 43 pages.

Thoroughly great read and I'm thankful for having the opportunity to read and review such a book. I really wish Kathryn success with this novel and any future work.

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