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Geek Girl All That Glitters - Holly Smale

All That Glitters (Geek Girl, #4)Title: Geek Girl: All That Glitters
Author: Holly Smale
Publication Date: 2015
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Available Editions: Ebook, Paperback, Hardback.

My name is Harriet Manners, and I am still a geek." The fourth book in the award-winning GEEK GIRL series. Harriet Manners has high hopes for the new school year: she's a Sixth Former now, and things are going to be different. But with Nat busy falling in love at college and Toby preoccupied with a Top Secret project, Harriet soon discovers that's not necessarily a good thing...

So here we are ONCE AGAIN, with another Geek Girl book. I've come to fall in love with Holly Smale and The Geek Girl Series and I cannot wait for more. It took me a while to finish the book as I had to a lot of school work to do and also babysitting but I got there in the end and thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. I managed to read the final half in one day even with my dad causing the loss of my page. TWICE. This review will be short due to it being spoiler free like I try to keep all of my reviews but I do hope it helps you decide to read the book or not easily.

This time we watch Harriet become a sixth former without her best friend Nat who is now in another college. Her fellow stalker Toby seems distant with her without reason leaving her no choice but to make new friends alone. But surely enough because its Harriet, the experience isn't smooth but she's gets by. She does meet a boy names Jasper who she has more in common with than she likes to think and her parents are still the couple that remain perfect like cheese and chalk

Like you can all see I didn't get into the Geek Girl series until earlier of this year in late March early April and its been a great experience so far and i really have fallen for Holly Smale, the way she had portrayed a long distance relationship in this book just got to me. This book gave me so many emotions, starting with pride and they shake up until the end where my heart is entirely broken and being put back together. This book really tied everything together and it did a wonderful job at it.

Harriet still remains to be herself, and no matter how hard she tries she cannot change who she is but since we last saw her, in New York she has matured a lot and we do get flash backs from time to time to fill in the picture of her journey throughout her Modelling journeys.

This book was rated a five star as I just found it to be an amazing book…have I said that already? And it’s just one of those books that will never ever be bad. With each book, it just gets better. The series started off strong and has continued to grow and become greater with each instalment. If you’re looking for a fun book made for all ages, please go run and buy yourself a copy or all of them, because I'm tempted to.

Holly if you're reading this, you have done an amazing job with creating these characters and books that we have come to love and I'm immensely proud of you for how far you have come and how far you are continuing to go. Stay awesome and please continue to break and fix my heart.

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