Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Let Me Tell You A Story

So this post wasn't actually my first idea, it took me 5 different topics to come to this one.

I'm not sure what day it was, or the exact time but I know it was past 8am, I was on my way to Sixth Form and I was having times where I couldn't remember if I had turned things off at home or if I had indeed locked the door. I grew upset and angry with myself for not being able to remember, no matter what my friend did to calm me and reassure me I simply couldn't calm down. Friends at sixth form knew I was having these lapses in memory but would pass it off or would make it something funny which didn't matter much.

I was on the way through a small set of shops by my sixth form where I would usually sit down for a few minutes so I wasn't too early. The benches I sit on are placed in a hexagon outside of a butchers and 3 other shops but I always chose the bench that faced out the door I came in leaving the door I had to go out of behind me.  After becoming very angry and frustrated with myself of not being able to remember, I sat there alone and broke into tears, I had 5 Seconds Of Summer playing in one earphone as the other one dangled so I could make sure I wasn't crying too loud to draw a lot of attention.

The benches were where people would walk past to take the quick route instead of walking around the whole building so that morning kids were walking through, some with parents, some by themselves or with friends. I would cover my face to cry as they walked past, some didn't look in my direction, some did and just tried to smile at me which I tried to do in return. One woman, accompanied with a few children maybe 2 walked past, the children were on their way to school and were a little in front of her, she glanced back at me and walked towards me.

"Are you okay?" she asked leaning over the bench to get level with me.
"Yes thanks." I tried to smile back at her
"Are you sure?" she replied as the children waited for her
"Yes thank you." I reply to her flashing her a smile
"If you're sure." she smiled back now, straightening herself up from leaning over to be level with me
"Thank you." I mutter and she smiles again and continues walking.

This woman was one of the 10 or so people walking through that building that morning who witnessed me crying, even though I told her I was okay and didn't tell her the truth, somehow it lifted a weight off of my shoulders because even though she had a responsibility of getting the children to school on time, she took a minute or two to ask a complete stranger if she was okay. My tears dried up a minute or so after she left, a weight off my shoulders I walked into sixth form and got on with my day never forgetting the single woman who took time to ask me.

I continue to walk that same path every day I attend sixth form, maybe in hope I'll see her again and we'll recognise each other and smile or just because I'm used to that path, or both. No one has ever heard this until now, I just wanted to share the story. One question can do a lot, even if you ask it to a stranger it helps.

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