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The Before Now And After Then - Peter Monn

Title: The Before Now And After Then                                                                     
Author: Peter Monn
Publication Date: July 29th 2014
Publisher:Pen Name Publishing
Available Editions: EBook, Paperback

Netgalley Synopsis:

Danny Goldstein has always lived in the shadow of his identical, twin brother Sam. But when a hurricane of events forces him into the spotlight, he starts to realize that the only thing he’s truly afraid of is himself. With the help of his costume changing friend Cher, a famous gay uncle with a mysterious past of his own, two aging punk rocker parents and Rusty, the boy who will become his something to live for, Danny begins to realize that the music of the heart is truly the soundtrack for living.


So I was granted the right to read this book for review a long time ago, it was one of the first ever books I had the right to read for review and therefore a very special book to me. Even though I have shown the books cover at the top of this post, it has changed since I read it. It never felt like the right time to post a review up until now, where I'm much more open and willing to discuss things with my viewers/readers.

I wrote this review not long after I finished the book a long time ago so it is different to how I recently changed to doing my reviews but I just felt like keeping it the same as I had written it because it didn't feel right for me to change it for some reason.

Sam Goldstein is the more confident of the brothers; athletic, popular, and tremendously protective of his brother. Danny Goldstein is more than happy to live in his brothers shadow, sharing his friends and an unbreakable bond with his brother. Sam is always looking out for Danny, and plans a detailed scheme for Danny to finally come out to their parents.

In an instant, everything changes, Danny's life and world he has known and depended on is turned upside down. He finds himself in a new school, in a new house, and realizing that the reason he was always to happy to live in Sam's shadow is that he's not comfortable standing out or being noticed. He isn't sure who he is, and doesn't know if he's interested in finding out the answer. But what he does know is that he's tired of people telling him how he should feel, or what he should do, and he's tired of being sad and angry all the time.

When Danny finally meets Cher, a larger-than-life classmate who has always wanted a gay best friend, she starts to force him out of his shell, little by little, even if he's still not comfortable talking about himself or knowing how to be a good friend. And then he meets Rusty, a boy who appears fearless, who helps Danny discover who he is, and what his heart truly wants. All the while, Danny's journey is helped, and at times complicated, by his former punk rocker parents and his mother's lifelong best friend Alex, an author whose most famous book was a way for him to deal with the isolation he felt about being gay.

I have to admit the book completely blew me away, I wasn't worried about the book but I just kind of wasn't fully excited to read it but once I got into it I just couldn't stop. I connected with all of the characters, it was hard not to and  there were almost instantaneous bonds.

I have to give the book a 5 out of 5 it had me hooked and I found it very hard to let the book go, it was by far one of the best books I've read and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read and review it.

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