Thursday, 26 May 2016

Crime Log

I sip my tea and sit down unfolding the days newspaper in my lap. I flick through the pages, dog with six legs, a page all about the sun for some reason which I cared nothing for.

Then I reach the section I wanted. The crime log. It listed pictures and names of criminals from all over the country. Today I notice a few familiar names who had made it into other crime logs.

Three rows down I spot an even familiar name. My own. I was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. I look over the section again to make sure I have it right.

After the third look I understand it's there. My heart begins to thump louder in my ears, a lump in my throat and a taste in my mouth that my tea couldn't cover.

I don't understand, I haven't touched anyone. Im 5ft 5 how could I? I'm snapped out of my thoughts by a loud knocking on the front door.

"Open up its the police" and I try not to panic, it's a case is mistaken identity. All I had to do was let them in and iron out the creases.

With my tea in had I slowly walk to the door.
"I'm opening the door now' I tell them as I open the deadlock, pull out the chain and twist the key. As soon as the door opens I'm grabbed by several hands my cup of tea is now all over me and the mug has been taken away.

Everything happens so quickly I don't get a chance to talk. I'm read my rights as I'm cuffed and placed in the back of the car and taken to the station.

It takes them 3 weeks to realise I wasn't their person.

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