Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Dream Catcher

The crowd was alive and roaring. Their hands clapping as they wrecked their throat screaming support.

The team had only just walked into the field and we're now lining up for the national anthem. Somehow I had found myself in the tunnel instead of at my seat and no one else had noticed either. I had taken a chance and crept up through the crowded tunnel avoiding anyone who looked official and could have me banned. 

I was sweaty by the time I reached the opening, my back moist with panic sweat. I look out seeing three players I had always wanted to meet and now was the time. In a final push I sprint, heading directly for them. I stop in time to hear people now shouting at me and my heart thumped and my mouth ran dry. The players however were not alarmed and when I reach Owen he notices I'm the one being shouted at but smiles.

"Good luck." I smile to him and offer to shake his hand which he accepts. I run to both of the other players and wish the same before rough hands take a hold of me. Owen takes a step forward to stop the mam handling but he has an anthem to start loving soon and so he takes a step back into line.

"Let her of" he shouts instead and Im no being dragged anymore, Owen ends up talking to a few people who steal glances at me leaving me flustered before I'm escorted surprisingly to my seat just in time for the anthems. 

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