Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Characters I Didnt Click With

This is actually hard for me because I do tend to like most of the characters in books I read.

For a start I never clicked with and of these characters. Troy, Femi, Lee, Karen and Blaze, all of these characters are in Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe. Straight away that is 5 characters straight up, but to be kind I shall count them all as one. None of the characters connected with me and I just didn't see any possibility of a connection ever happening.

Madeline's mom from Everything Everything, just every part of me just didn't agree with her, she was too smothering of a mother and her character just made me mad for some indescribable reason.

Morgan from Confessions Of A Queen B* , it wasn't that I hated her character it was just that she was always pressuring Alexis and she never really made a connection with me from the start. I cared very little for her unfortunately.

Unfortunately due to my way of always clicking with characters I can only think of these three ( seven) characters that I just didn't click with. This ladies and gentlemen is why I'm bad at these lists.

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  1. Great List! I have similar on mine because I read Concentr8 as well.

    1. I'm kind of glad we have a mutual feeling toward the characters of Concentr8. Happy TTT, thank you for reading my list x

  2. I'm not familiar with these characters or books! Well, at least you find that you click with lots of characters. That's not a bad thing!