Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Comfort Zone.

Your comfort zone is what I refer to as a point where every action you do keeps your level of anxiety, low. Your comfort zone is usually in things you do all the time, like cooking or commuting to work, or watching TV. Everyday actions or tasks that you’re used to won’t make you feel anxious and uneasy. These are a part of your comfort zone.

People often refer to ‘getting outside your comfort zone’ they say it in terms of trying new things, something you wouldn't usually do on a daily basis can be counted as being outside that zone. If getting to work or school makes you anxious because the traffic is bad or you don’t like being on a train full of people, for instance, you’re not going to be comfortable in that situation therefore being outside of your comfort zone if you successfully manages to travel that train or make it to work using a form of transport that you are using as an alternative due to a change in something like a road closure for a day so you take the train etc.

Although anxiety isn’t something we or anyone loves, a little bit of anxiety can be beneficial. We often need just a hint of anxiety to push us to get our work done, or to improve our performance.

I'm often told to 'get out of my comfort zone' but I'm never ready to, I often get full blown attacks as I try to take a leap out of my comfort zone, so for others out there who like me who are really bad at leaving their comfort zones here are four steps I've found that could help:

  • Do everyday things differently. Take a different route to work, (smile at that new person you've been seeing a lot of but never spoken to.)
  • Take your time making decisions.
  • Trust yourself and make snap decisions. ...
  • Do it in small steps.
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