Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Paperback vs Electronic

I love books, in both formats but something about the physical paperback or hardback book just seems more appealing.

The Smell that you sense when you open it for the first time or as you flick the pages just brings joy, lets not forget the way it feels in my hands just the love and delicacy I treat my books with, where I don't dog ear the pages, break its spine, or mess it up in any other way. I love to feel the pages, crisp and real. I'm not sure why these things make me love Physical books but they do.


When your hands are tired, you have hand cramp, you're low on funds to re frill your bookcase I have to sad Electronic books are a life saver. They also come in handy when you are given the right to read for review. They have the downside of battery life on the device and if you get a headache or whatever but either format helps me journey through a lot of different lives and also helps expand my knowledge of being able to create my own world through my writing.

This post is not a post to say one is better than another, I just wanted to simply talk about the difference of both and my own personal views, if you guys want to talk about this topic in the comments feel free, let me know what you think about the two formats of books.

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