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Kiss Of Death - Robert Skuce



Homicide detective, Bruno Norcross, is called to investigate the brutal murder of a college call girl. This isn't just any other crime scene. Bruno has seen this scene before, only the last time, the killer got away leaving Bruno feeling as though his career is incomplete. Nobody escapes Bruno's grasp twice and when his nemesis arises again, it’s time to bring him in. A serial killer, only known as the Kiss of Death, is back, only this time he made a mistake. A witness, like no other, was left behind and this witness knows the victim better than anyone.

Rosie's stalker, Ashley Truelove knows everything about her, from what she wears to who she sees. The question isn't can Ashley help Bruno catch the killer, but will he? With meager and confusing clues, two known victims and time running out, Bruno realizes that the cost of bringing the murderer to justice will be paid in blood. With the police Sergeant on his back to catch this killer and provide justice for the death of his daughter, Bruno is racing against time. Kiss of Death only hunts occasionally and time is running out before he vanishes again. Can Bruno find the evidence to stop him or will he escape his clutches once again?

This book had me hooked by the first page, you're instantly dropped into the situation with now messing around which I love. The book is told through 3 points of view, Bruno, Ashely/Lee and the mysterious Brown. I did think I would get confused with this way of writing and I wasn't too far off, sometimes I was losing track of who's POV I was reading from, which brings me to my next point. The internal voices of the characters do sound alike which felt slightly off, and did confuse me for a few moments but it did make for a great read. Information is slowly fed to you, leaving you unsure of the overall picture. When you are reading from one of the character’s POV's you start to believe in one thing but when you change POV's you end up questioning what you’ve only just come to believe.

I didn't really connect to the characters as much as I would in another genre maybe dystopian or young adult, but I connected enough to care for them to a point where I was rooting for them to be safe but not enough to connect on an emotional or mental wavelength if that makes any sense at all?

The majority of the story was actually great, I was into the story very much craving to know who the murderer of Rosie was, I was frustrated at how I couldn't find a single clue or make a single, solid, strong assumption. I felt as though the whole book had been at a great pace up until the ending it all seemed to speed up way too fast and not that it was an atrocious ending I just felt like it had more potential that what it actually did even though it wasn't anything near what I expected or could have guessed at. There were points that I thought details could have been added to just to give a little more realism but what was there was good.

I liked it for the most part, loved how by the book Bruno was and how matter of fact Lee was, but I wasn't so much of a fan of the repeated beatings a character had by another character who didn't get any sort of karma for it. It got less interesting and very much a point of me sighing and saying 'here we go again.'

Its hard to really give a great review of this book without giving spoilers that would ruin the story in parts or altogether. I have to praise Robert from gripping me for around 94% of the time, it was a great read but I just felt like it hadn't reached its full potential, it was a unique ending and I actually liked it there just left like there was even more potential. Its an 3.8/5 from me. Great read for the most part as I've previously stated. A great read for anyone who liked fast paced reads and twists and loves the unknown.

I was contacted and given a free copy for an honest review.

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