Saturday, 11 March 2017

Summary Justice by John Fairfax



The last time Tess de Vere saw William Benson she was a law student on work experience. He was a twenty-one
year old, led from the dock of the Old Bailey to begin a life sentence for murder. He’d said he was innocent. She’d believed him.
Sixteen years later Tess overhears a couple of hacks mocking a newcomer to the London Bar, a no-hoper with a murder conviction, running his own show from an old fishmonger’s in Spitalfields. That night she walks back into Benson’s life. The price of his rehabilitation – and access to the Bar – is an admission of guilt to the killing of Paul Harbeton, whose family have vowed revenge.
He’s an outcast. The government wants to shut him down and no solicitor will instruct him. But he’s subsidised by a mystery benefactor and a desperate woman has turned to him for help: Sarah Collingstone, mother of a child with special needs, accused of slaying her wealthy lover.
It’s a hopeless case and the murder trial, Benson’s first, starts in four days. The evidence is overwhelming but like Benson long ago, she swears she’s innocent. Tess joins the defence team, determined to help Benson survive. But as Benson follows the twists and turns in the courtroom, Tess embarks upon a secret investigation of her own, determined to uncover the truth behind the death of Paul Harbeton on a lonely night in Soho.
True to life, fast-paced and absolutely compelling, Summary Justice introduces a new series of courtroom dramas featuring two maverick lawyers driven to fight injustice at any cost.


I really love Law and wished I had gone to study it at A Level and taken it further. I love to explore crimes and pick up every detail I can and then try to figure out what truly happened. So it was great to read about Law being practiced where lives and families depend on the outcome. 11 years of prison Benson is released on probation after being sentenced to life after being convicted of murder, but all the way he's claimed innocence and challenged the law by practicing it, going on to set up his own chambers as no one wants a convicted murderer enforcing law under their name.

Back when William Benson was being sentenced he has Tess De Vere by his side, she believed him when he claimed his innocence so when she finally hears he stuck to his promise they made in the holding cell before he received his sentence, Tess can not help herself and ends up drawn back into Williams life once again, joining his defence team on his first major case. The evidence alone already convicts Will's client but with so many angles to examine and play can he and his team figure anything out that can turn it in the other direction?

It was brilliant how easily I was able to fall into the world of John Fairfax's creation. I would easily be reading massive amounts of the pages before realising what time its been and having to call it a night because I've ben absorbed so well. The narration throughout the book is simple but powerful which was one point that really helped me return to the book. I've recently been reading quite a few crime/thrillers and this of for sure is different, very unique but yet just as great.

The characters helped make the more even more addictive besides the plot. Each character John created was fascinating, each of them has a full background which brings just that little bit more to the world. William Benson is one of those characters, he is clearly driven, passionate and strong but he is also the flipside, weak and secretive. All the things that keep you reading as you try to find out more about him and what has actually happened to him. Then there's Tess who is a vibrant character and also very strong-willed, every part of me just wants to know the ins and outs of their pasts.

The main reason that Benson and Tess have re-familiarized themselves with each other is the case, it's a difficult one, not so clean cut and there are some many angles in play. John really keeps all of his characters and his readers guessing as it all unfolds. It's hard to try and figure it out alone, you end up wondering that with so many angle to play if it will all be resolved in this book or not. And for that answer alone, you'll have to read to find out.

Its easily a 5/5 from me, the book just exceeded my expectations of brilliance, I cant wait to see more of Benson and De Vere, they were a great working partnership. Anyone who loves crime books and law defiantly need to read this, its 100% different to anything you've read so far.

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