Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Breakdown - B.A Paris




If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods, on the winding rural road, in the middle of a downpour, with the woman sitting inside―the woman who was killed. She’s been trying to put the crime out of her mind; what could she have done, really? It’s a dangerous road to be on in the middle of a storm. Her husband would be furious if he knew she’d broken her promise not to take that shortcut home. And she probably would only have been hurt herself if she’d stopped.

But since then, she’s been forgetting every little thing: where she left the car, if she took her pills, the alarm code, why she ordered a pram when she doesn’t have a baby.

The only thing she can’t forget is that woman, the woman she might have saved, and the terrible nagging guilt.

Or the silent calls she’s receiving, or the feeling that someone’s watching her…


The Breakdown had an immediate grip on me, I had been reading small portions of the book just so I could read another book on the side but soon find it extremely hard to stop reading this book so instead I focused on finishing this book which I managed eventually. There were so many times throughout the whole story that I was on edge, there were time when I sat alone reading and didn't feel alone, at points I begun to jump at small noises that were explainable but the tension and suspense in the book just tipped me over the edge into a small puddle of paranoia.

At times characters really got to me a little, like Cass because I just wanted her to tell someone but as the story progresses I'm kind of glad she didn't because it may have altered the rest of the story and taken it down a different route that may not have been better than this one. Matthew got me mad at times because he simply wouldn't listen, would force a subject or something of that nature but much like what I said about Cass, if he hadn't have been that way the story may have been drastically different. Every character felt so real, they were convincing and felt like people that were really in my life.

Not only is this book a thriller but it faces the issue of possibly having early on set dementia having watched the deterioration of dementia in one of your parents, and how the thought of beginning to decline that same way alone effects a person.

This book really gets you thinking, you can never really tell who's being 100% true and who are the friends amongst foe, it's really one of those and I loved every second of it. There were parts that seemed too far fetched but in the end they stitched together and made perfect sense which made this an even better read because it wasn't just your ordinary run of the mill Thriller.

The book itself felt like an new take on Thriller, it just felt like it gripped me more, fully absorbed me compared to other thrillers that I've adored in the past. I really didn't want it to end but of course it has to or else I'd have been on edge and paranoid for the rest of my life. Its a clear 5/5 winner for me, a recommendation to anyone who's a fan of the genre and loved stories that are fast paced and gripping. Part of me really wants to read her first novel, 'Behind Closed Doors' now that I've experience how much of a great author she is.

Many thanks to Harlequin and Netgalley for providing a copy of this novel on which I have written an honest review.

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