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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare ~ Review

Hi! I'm Sophie, a friend of Charlie's. She has had a few difficulties with finishing her current read in time for this weeks review and has accidentally read a book which she can't actually review until a little later on in the year. I have offered to help her out by providing this weeks review so that you guys have something to read. Go easy on me, i'm new to the whole review business. Also; this is going to be a quick review because i did write a pretty in depth one but then it didn't save and i'm pretty much screaming at my computer screen as i type.

Book Summary: 
In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, while her longing for Will, despite his dark moods, continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will - the wall he has built around himself is crumbling. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers to who she is and what she was born to do? As their search for the truth leads the three friends into peril, Tessa's heart is increasingly torn, especially when one of their own betrays them.


Firstly, i would like to say that anybody who enjoys Fantasy and historical fiction will definitely enjoy this book. It's set in Victorian London and involves; Angels, Demons, Warlocks, Vampires, Faeries and Werewolves. It is a very suspenseful book which sent my emotions running high. I was angry because of a certain traitor, happy because of Charlotte and Henry's news at the end and also for Will because of finally finding out the truth behind his curse with the help of Magnus Bane. About two pages after this happened however, i was sobbing into my pillow for reasons that i won't go into because i don't exactly want to spoil anything. 

The whole thing is full of relatable problems, whether that being love or wondering whether you're putting your trust into the right people. it also hits up on a topic that has been very big lately; that being women's rights and equality. Charlotte Branwell is the head of the London Institute but her authority is being put into question by another Shadowhunter; Benedict Lightwood. She fights to keep her place as the head and does everything she can to prove that women can be just as strong and prove themselves as just a good a leader as any man. Unlike the first book 'Clockwork Angel' we actually head out of London and visit Yorkshire with Tessa, Will and Jem in Charlotte's favour. They're trying to figure out where Mortmain is and to do that, they all have to do immense research. Will finds something in Yorkshire that sets his nerves on edge and it definitely reflects on the reader too. I found myself worried that Will was going to do something stupid and then happy for him in a way.

There were also times where i was internally screaming at the book because of Tessa. In a way, i found her kind of annoying in this book, where i hadn't in the first. I'm not sure whether that is because Will is my favourite character in the whole series and she was being kind of rude to him (I know he deserved it), but whatever the reason is, i can't put my finger on it. I have just started reading Clockwork Princess and she isn't annoying me as much in this so maybe it was just a phase. However. i still would recommend this book to anyone a fan of all things Shadowhunters.

I think what i'm trying to say in this review is that there are lot of problems that hit really close to home which is why  believe it is a really successful book. I'm going to give Clockwork Prince a 5/5 stars, just for the simple fact that i could not put the book down, no matter how tired i became or how early in the morning it got. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is already a fan of the Shadowhunter world or even if you simply like fantasy books. It's definitely one of my favourite reads. Again, i'm sorry this was such a short review but my last one didn't save.

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