Monday, 13 February 2017

The Good Dictator I: The Birth of an Empire - Gonçalo JN Dias

Ready for a totally new point of view?

What could the opinion about USA of one of the oldest countries in Europe be? There’s an object parked on the moon, but curiously, the unfolding of the story does not take place in New York, but rather, in Lisbon suburbs and in a small village between Portugal and Spain.

The main character, Gustavo, does not get along well with his parents-in-law, and his wife does not like Gustavo’s friends.

A genre-busting book that includes adventure, thriller, dystopia, utopia and an exciting love story.

Next weekend (18 and 19 of February) you can download the book for free directly from amazon.

It became the most downloaded book in Portuguese, last April, and it has now a good English translation (I would say, better than the original).
See some reviews on Amazon page or on the author’s official blog.

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