Friday, 9 December 2016

Blogmas Day 9

This is a true representation of what had happened to me recently. I started blogmas with all of these ideas and such but as the past 9 days have gone by, I've slowly been losing my creativity and imagination. Hence today's Blogmas.

 start of with your guide lines, I pressed a little too hard on my pencil which resulted in darker and heavier lines than usual which really were a little more difficult to erase later on.

Spell out your chosen word in your chosen font, make it look good to yourself and chance if necessary. seems like I was toon heavy handed with the pencil here too.

I ended up fine lining this word twice on this occasion for 2 seperated reasons in 2 different fine liners. 1. The first new fine liner is half the thickness of my usual one and 2. when you erase the pencil from beneath said fine liner, it smudges in every direction. 

Erase your guide lines, I mean clearly you no longer need them. Tada you have a word which should be surrounded by things it creates but today it created this. I thought I'd just show you.

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