Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Family Affair - Suprina Frazier

So this is really a short story where 21 year old Kendra recieves news that the uncle she grew up knowing is in fact her father. Whilst her mother Reeka and Kenny fell in love as seniors in Florida, their parents fell in love with eachother in New York.

Out of respect for their now smitten parents they kept the romance a secret and throughout the pregnancy Reeka invented a male so Kenny didn't need to out himself.

Everything comes to light as they are visiting Kenny to say goodbye after a bad skiing accident that has left him in a coma that he isn't expected to wake from. In the end he only wanted 2 wishes; to marry Reeka and to hear Kendra call him dad atleast once. So as the first cannot happen, at his bedside Kendra talks of some of the memories she has with him as well as calling him dad/daddy a few times.

In the end Kendra goes on to graduate and in the stands, her parents newly married as Kenny pulls through from his coma and goes on to fulfil both wishes.

The moral of the story was 'Tell your kids the truth about their paternity before it's too late...even if the details of the truth are ugly and painful.'

As a short story it's good, I mean there was enough detail to make interesting and to have the plot twist as the opener really draws your attention in and makes you want to know about it all. It was a good story, full of detail to really help you imagine each scene but what I didn't like was the massive coincidences that their grieving parents so happened to fall in love as they did and that as soon as Kendra calls Kenny dad/daddy he suddenly has the strength to pull through the coma he was in. I mean as far as the moral of the story I guess it's a good one, whether you agree or not is the question.

3/5 just down to the coincidences that happen. Well written and interesting I wish it were longer and an actual novel not a short story.

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