Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogmas Day 1

So its begun Blogmas is finally here! I'm doing it all so different this year, instead of a Christmas related blog post each day, I will be posting a blog post each day which shows you the process of me drawing/writing either a specific thing about that day or a Christmas theme in a font.

What is todays? lest start off simple with a Blogmas font drawing.

I begun by simply choosing my position for the word and drew light guidelines in pencil.

I then drew, erased and re drew my font letters a few times until I felt like they were at their best.

I then went over the letters in a black fine liner and used the same pen to fill in each of the letters before adding a small present.
Fun Fact: I originally planned on drawing Christmas lights handing from each letter but there were already so many swirls and curls

 To finish off the piece of the day, I coloured the present in a light shade of red as well as two shades of blue.