Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - A Personal Non-Bookish Thankful List

So this is going to be a list of as many things as I can managed to get(close to 10 things) that I'm thankful for, unfortunately these are not Bookish but I do hope you enjoy the list none the left.

  1. The family I have, even though they do get to me most of the time, they support me when they can and provide me with what I need when I need it.
  2. My friends, I don't have many of them but the ones I have are great supporters and can always be counted upon to make me laugh, fill me in on gossip and make me an all around happy person.
  3. The food I get to eat, this may sound a little bit of a weird one but I know that some people are not always guaranteed a 2-3 square meals a day and that gets to me because households all over the world waste a lot of food but yet people all over the world can not get access to 2-3 meals a day.
  4. The Clothes on my back, even though you're likely to see me in black skinny jeans and the same band shirts and hoodie and shirts, I'm thankful that I get to have more than two lots of clothing. Much like the food part some people struggle with getting access to clean and new clothing, this is why any clothing I no longer want or do not wear are washed and taken to a store where there are weighed and given to charities that distribute them to places where they are needed.
  5. The music I listen to, I know this may sound a little weird too but the music is an outcome of months of hard work and to be able to listen to a part of someone that can bring me and other people together is such a great thing.
  6. Books, okay this is slightly book related but I'm thankful for having access to a piece of a creative person, much like the music point its hard work that the person has wanted to share with other people. I love books with all of my heart.
  7. The weather, okay so this is by far a weird one especially coming from someone in the UK, The weather helps things grow, brings happiness to people and even though it gets cold and rainy here, there is something about the smell of the rain and the atmosphere that I just love and am Thankful for.
  8. I'm thankful for great smells, this is a little weird but to be able to smell good things can put me in a good mood when I really need to be in a good mood.
  9. Photographs, I used to do photography, I have taken a few good photos but in this sense I'm talking about all photos, photos of bands either taken by myself or other people, photos of family, pets, animals etc. they just capture a moment and it lives on forever and that has me thankful.
  10. My pets, okay so I have 2 dogs and a fish, they have me thankful because like most of the things on this list, they supply me with happiness when I need it, the dogs keep me warm and give good company when they're with me on the sofa, the fish when I'm in my room. Although they are a lot of work to keep healthy and such, it's all worth it in the end.
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