Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thursday Thought - Digital Drawing

Okay so earlier this year, maybe late July? I cant be exact but Hey Violet released their EP called Can You Feel it, there is a track on there called Sparks Fly and they wanted fans to create art that matched the lyrics for a lyric video. I immediately thought of the lyrics "there's a constellation in your eyes." and then thought up an image of someone's eyes with a constellation in them.

I hadn't been able to draw great on paper so I had a drawing app on my tablet but when I first drew it out using reference photos of eyes I realised the app didn't have the tool I needed to blend the skin tones together.

I ended up asking my mom if I could buy another app that had many tools that I could use including the tool to blend the skin tones. I got to it right away, I used reference photos, listened to the song and its album over and over just for fun as I drew. this was the first time I did digital drawing, and I was serious about it. Admittedly it didn't look too good at the start but then I finished it after 3 or so days, it looked good, my mom printed it off and framed it etc. and I entered it to go into the lyric video.

Unfortunately I didn't make it into the video with my digital art but I have now continued with the art. So far I have the piece I entered for the video, and incomplete full face drawing (missing hair) its only incomplete because I couldn't do the hair, I also have a drawing of my sister that I did in 1-2 days for her 19th birthday which was the first time I digitally drew hair and it turned out good in my eyes. I have a drawing of Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer that turned out good and recognisable shall I add and I am currently working on a piece that is Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer but I am yet to find time to continue it. I would show you the finished products but adding photos to my posts doesn't seem to work properly.

If you're thinking of taking up digital drawing you do not need to splash a lot of money on special tablets, software and stylus'. I've been doing all of my drawings on a £3-4 app and a Samsung tab 2 with a broken rubber ended stylus that came with my leather case for the tablet. If you do continue with the art and want to take it next level and buy special things go for it, just don't think you'll be into digital art and buy all the expensive things to do it with and then find out you don't quite like it.

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