Thursday, 5 November 2015

Thursday Thought - My Last Concert Experience

Okay so my last concert was June 6th 2015, it was 5 Seconds Of Summer in Birmingham. I went with an old school friend who had bought the tickets.

I left my house at like 11pm and met my friend at the bus stop 20 or so minutes later. We missed the bus to Birmingham but waited for the next one that game at like 12 ish and we got on and started the journey there. We walked the few minutes walk to the arena and we had a lot of time to waist until the support act would hold their acoustic hangout so we just sat and spoke, walked around a library and before we knew it we were lined up to meet the support act Hey Violet.

I was so nervous and nearly backed out like my friend did but I didn't, I made a friend in the line and we spoke a lot, even though I never got her name, she let me go before her and soon we were just waiting for the doors to open. A few other friends sat with us and then walked with us to our doors to wait and get in.

The doors open at I think 6, and we got in but the merchandise table was really busy so we decided to go and sit down. I felt sick when I sat down, so I had to go out and then I went tot he merchandise table and bought a t shirt and wristband and then I went back feeling better and then felt sick again. I went out and then went out into the smoking area for the fresh air because no one was smoking out there at that time and then the man who was on the door offered to take me to the medic place and they said everything was fine but then the support act came on whilst I was in the medic room. I went back in half way through their set but I got to see them preform and they were amazing.

5 minutes later after their set ended 5 seconds of summer came on and I nearly cried. They were truly amazing and it was an amazing experience and my sickness feeling subsided and I got to enjoy the concert without any more sickness and then when they played Amnesia I was crying because of a whole lot of things. They preformed really well and when the concert was finally over, I just didn't know what to do with myself. I got home after my dad and mom picked us up and dropped my friend off at home and It didn't feel like I had been to see my favourite band ever.

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