Friday, 13 November 2015

Thursday Thought - Memories

Okay so in this post I want to share some of my memories with you, I hope you find the funny ones funny and such. Feel free to share some of your memories too.

  1. Me my mom, my dad and my sister were on holiday in Turkey in August of 2014, we had gone horse riding (it hurt afterwards, if you know what I mean) and then a few days later we went buggy riding and I was with my dad in one buggy and he went around a corner and I was yelling with excitement and such and a large lump of Turkish wet mud came off the tyre and landed square in my mouth...tasty.
  2. As part of my media course that I am currently in the second year of, we had to learn about multi camera, its pretty clear what that is, more than one camera. We were taken to watch the filming of Countdown and afterwards we got to meet everyone, I walked up to Rachel Riley and every word I had known in the 16 years of my life at that point just went out the window but she gave me her autograph and we had a group photo with her like all of the class and everyone else who is in front of the cameras on set including Jack Whitehall's dad.
  3. Back in my primary school I was in maybe year 6 and I was learning a dance for a memorial day for a close friend of my mother who worked at the school and I had to do these dance moves to a song from grease and once I did those moves I had to jog backwards into a semi circle and I fell flat on my ass in rehearsal and everyone laughed. I did the dance on the day but since then, never danced in front of anyone.
  4. My final memory I want to share with you so it's and even number is even, my best friend was staying over and it was maybe 2am and I was in bed and she was on the bed on the floor and we had had a great time together and you could tell we were tired because we were talking about random things whenever they came to our minds and somehow she came out with 'portable microwave' and it gave us stitches and this was maybe 5 years ago?? she still hasn't lived it down and has yet to create the portable microwave.

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