Thursday, 25 August 2016

Writers Block

The thing is,it was all last minute. The empty document on my laptop was where a few 1000 words were supposed to lie and they had only have to be there for one more week. 

So I up and left my usual writing place and traveled to Ireland. I had been a few times but it's beauty just seemed to relax me almost immediately.

With only my laptop a small bag of clothes and essentials I wandered the streets taking them in as I searched for a place to stay. In between searching and discovering I found a small B&B which upon inquiry gave me their last room. 

The woman who handed me the key, tall and curvy, long brown hair and blue eyes was very gentle. Her hand was cold to touch but the contact only lasted seconds. 

The room was average for what you payed for and had a great view as the room was in the loft so it got a great view from the windows installed to give the room natural light.

Almost instantly upon opening my laptop and the document, beautyou poured out of me and traveled through my fingers across the keyboard and up onto the scrrent and before I take a break after 2 hours of uncontrollable but amazing writing, I hit 6000 words. 

I head down to pay for some sort of a meal to fill me, last me for a while as I write but I only find the woman who had handed me my key and escorted me to my room. She noticed me immediately and flashed a quick smile before a blush hit her face and she looked away.

"I was wondering where best to get some food from" I say confidently as I close the distance between the desk and me. She smiles as she looks up and stutters as she opens her mouth to speak.

"George is in the back, he can cover me, I'll show you." She smiles and I nod as it was for the best. She leaves the room for a minute or so before escorting me out of the B&B and down a series of roads.

Out the corner of my eye I catch her watching me, absorbing my form and even when I look at her in conversation she watches me contently. 

"Do you like what you see?" I finally smile to her as we sit down at a small restaurant she had recommended.

"It is not every day someone so breathtaking walks into a shabby B&B" she smiles handing over the menu before looking to her own. She was not embarrassed by her words, she meant them it was written all over her.

She herself was breathtaking, her skin pale and flawless as her dark hair hugged her neck ànd collarbone. Every now and then she would flare her nostrils which made me laugh inside.

The truth is she was as breathtaking as she claimed me to be.

Over food we discussed ourselves, our lives and hobbies and how we got to where we were. She watched with content as I told her my story and I watched her with admiration as she told hers. 

I settle the bill against her wishes of going halves and we begin walking back, but much slower now. Our arms swung as we walked, brushing eachothers gebtly from time to time. I hadn't got any idea on how I felt about her, she was beautiful and kind and intriguing, funny and intelligent but did that spell love?.

As we walked further and further we fell into silence but smiled when we locked eyes from time to time. She stumbled on a cobble which had risen from its place. She reached out to grab me as I instinctively grabbed ahold of her arm to stop her from falling. She blushed then, embarrassed by the near fall she had had. 

"You good?" I smile to her as she seems to flex her toes in her shoes.

"Yes thasks." She smiles and I loosen my grip on her arm and let her move more freely. It had left her with a slight limp as she walked but with each stepid we worked with it. Her grip moved down my upper arm, now on my forearm. Soon enough I had gotten the momo and pulled my arm out of her grip before taking her hand.

"You could have just said." I smirk as she blushes again as she nods.

"I guess I could have." She smiles 

"This was deffinetly what I needed to write my book." I think to myself. And in 15 minutes we turn onto the B&B road back to my new sanctuary. 

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