Thursday, 18 August 2016

Aunt Edna’s Money

So aunt Edna and I weren't exactly best buddies but when the inevitable man dressed in black came to her door and knocked 3 times before being let in, Edna passed everything down to me. We all knew the end was close with her, she had recently been wanting more time with each of us separately and even then that was the first time I had seen her and spoken to her face to face in over 5 years.

I had heard stories about my Aunt Edna, some of them I could believe, others I could not, but even this moment now I could not believe her whole estate was mine. I had read her will and all the terms which included instructions on what to do so that wretched unlikable cousin of mine, Wilfred got none of it.

Meeting up with my aunt for the first time in over 5 years was nerve wrecking but all of those nerves simply melted away when we drank at a great little coffee shop and spoke of music and books. Even after all of the bad stories I had heard about the woman, she was the most likable person I had met and we clearly bonded. She had expressed her concern for her own health as she leant back arched over the table holding firmly to my hands, then she expressed her concern of Wilfred who she feared would do anything to take all she had once she had passed but against my wishes she dropped the subject quickly and got back to talking about books.

As I browsed the isles of the old bookstore we shared a love for days after her death, I couldn't help but think of wretched Wilfred and the rules in my aunts will. I run my fingers over the spines of many books, picking out those which caught my attention before adding them to my pile at the counter. by the time I was finished I had bought many hundreds of pounds worth of books but it was all in the name of inspiration and research.

You see my aunts wishes were to be cremated, and not only that, but her ashes mixed in with ink, which she believed I could use to create a masterpiece of a book manuscript with within a year, and now I browse the same bookstore, looking over a small crowd of people who had gathered for the unveiling of the book now available in store. The main characters name? Edna of course.

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