Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Flight Of The Pickerings - John Grayson Heide



Guy Pickering is a good man and good husband to his wife Dorothy who grows wackier every day with dementia. Guy sees the end coming and wants to be in control, but Life has other plans. His most private moments spiral out of control as a nosy neighbour intrudes, a rebellious teenage grandson shows up and finally a fame-hungry reporter spotlights them in front of a world-wide audience.

Filled with tender moments and comic twists, this book engages the reader in one family’s journey, a final voyage that all of us will take, sooner or later. The Flight of the Pickerings is a love story that touches on the right for self-determination while infusing deep humanity and humour.


John had contacted me with the request of a review and I was completely happy to oblige because the synopsis just seemed like such a great thing I couldn't say no. I begun reading it before I went on holiday but once getting back from my holiday I had been so out of routine and I had very little to no energy or motivation to do anything I had found it hard to push myself through the book although I had been really enjoying it. 3 weeks later though I managed to finish the book and I can honestly say I was very pleased with it.

Yes the book is based heavily around end of life issues but it isn't overly soppy and I really enjoyed how Guy always spoke of how he wanted to control the last moments of their lives as Dorothy was unable to. Throughout the book it switches between their current life and their experiences from when they were children and growing up knowing eachother. Doing this really helped me sympathise and adore both of the Pickerings because I could see how strong their relationship was and that either of them were happy to put their lives in the others hands if it came to it.

The rebellious teenager called Tory was really a great addition to the story, he wasn't fond of old people and lets be honest is antisocial but deep down he still adores his grandparents and when it comes down to it, that helps the story come to a great end.

I don't want to give away too much but finally Guy knows exactly what to do but it doesn't all go to plan, like always and it leads to a big end which is really an emotional one for me and took me a moment to absorb. I loved how the book explored every aspect of the characters lives from when they were young and first met all the way through to their current situation and spared no detail when it came to the amount of love they have for each other.

A great read with humour and bitter truth when it comes to facing end of life issues, I really admired the fact the book didn't ooze soppiness and all of that cheesiness which would have in my opinion ruined it for me. I really enjoyed the way John wrote the whole book, a dream made into a graceful funny and tender tale of the power of love and the elegance of the dance between Love and Death.

5/5 from me and a definite recommendation to anyone who really wants to witness the strength of years long love.

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