Thursday, 31 March 2016

Wedding Crashers

Here I was, standing in the church I had always wished I would. The intricate details in the stone and glass that surrounded us was truly magnificent. The white dress wasn't much, itwas in fact a strapless dress, it fitted nicely to my body which I was thankful for it doing. At the hips it split into two fabrics, the same as the rest of the dress and then chiffon over the top. It reached my feet which stood bare because the thought of standing in heels was hell yet alone walking down the Isle.

Thankfully I met my husband go be on the other end in front of both of our families. Little was I to know that someone objected to our big day. A very old clingy ex. He burst through the doors sending a small gust of wind throughout. 

"I object" he screams at the top of his voice as he runs up the Isle,  the witnesses letting out sounds of shock and disappointment.

"It should be me." He pleads as he stands on my left as my to be husband holds my hand.

"I don't wish to marry him, please continue." I say trying to forget the intrusion of my big day. Yet it became incredibly hard as he begun tugging at my arm, trying to pull it free of the hand of the man I wanted to marry. 

"This should be me" he cried again, he was clearly beginning to choke back tears when I finally looked to him.

"You were a one week relationship when I was 16, nothing more than a rebound." I mutter, he looks hurt by the comment but it was the truth. 

He pleads again that it should be him but this time my partner turns to him clearly no longer willing to let me be pestered by this man 

"But it's not." He growls and with a smooth movement lands a heavy punch into my ex's nose. He stood shocked for a moment before clenching to his nose where blood begun to drip.

"Get him out of here." He says turning back to me, handing a red and slightly swollen hand back to me. Thankfully two of my lovely cousins took him under the arms and dragged him up the Isle and out of the church.

The ceremony continued just after they took their seats once more. Happily married we walk out of the church for photos, standing in the blood trail he had left on his way out. 

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