Thursday, 24 March 2016

Fist Bump Feeling

The undeniable feeling in your stomach, the butterflies, the fear.
You bounce your feet, your whole body shaking
The clock ticks down, the end coming quick
Stomach turning, churning.
Chills running up and down your body
79:59, 80:00, your heart lightens, the urge to cry washing over you, you won, they won.
You dance a little, pride coursing through your veins, you feel the way they do, patriotic, overwhelmed and utterly speechless.
You watch them celebrate, hugs, pats on backs, piggy back rides.
Its just that fist bump feeling.

This post is all about the winning and winners of 2016 RBS Six Nations, the emotions I felt and others felt as the clock ticked over to 80 minutes and we knew we had won the Grand Slam not only this years Six Nations.

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