Tuesday, 24 January 2017

All We Know Book Club


Back in December, me and my best friend partnered up to bring the world another Book Club. Admittedly we have very little to no experience with this sort of thing, we just share the mutual love for books and authors.

It took up time to figure out even the most basic of things like what we would actually be called, in the end we settled for All We Know, we just felt like it fitted and so we let it stick. The logo was a lot less thought out, I chose a font, and a picture from just a few in a list, picked a colour and arranged them into a way I felt looked good and the end result wasn't at all bad.

From then till now has been a while and somehow it feels a lot longer if I'm honest. In those days Sophie and I have sat and spoken about the finer details of the club. The Club went live on Goodreads on the 30th of December 2016, since then we've been calling for members who just urge to discuss their opinions on books and authors with us.

We came to a joint decision to not hold a discussion this month just don't to the fact it would have been short notice for everyone and we didn't exactly have people knocking on the door to join. So the first book club in February.

Below is all you need to know;

  • Book Club is held on the 2nd to last Saturday of each month
  • The first book club will be held on the Saturday 18th February 2017
  • Time is not relevant due to personal schedules and time zones, just discuss and respond whenever you can once the set discussion day has come.
  • Follow the rules of the book club which are displayed on the page itself.
  • After the initial discussion of the book we will give suggestions of the next book in the same session, this then gives everyone 1 week to get a hold of the book before the month starts which will then give them 2-3 weeks to read the book at their own pace and prepare for the discussion.

  • If you feel like we at the book club for you come on over and join us (click here to be taken to the book club page), introduce yourself on our first discussion and if in time, suggest your book idea for the first ever book up to discuss on the 18th of February, then get reading and join us later to discuss.

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