Thursday, 23 June 2016

Home Sweet Home

I had spent months living in a damp smelling rat and cockroach infested apartment only a few miles from my childoodle home. But I was no fed up of the lack of hot water, wasting money on pest controllers because the rats and cockroadches only came back days later.

I had seen an advertisement in the newspaper of a 100% better apartment cheaper than this rat hole and closer to my family home. I dial up the number and ask for a viewing. Luckily it had only been advertised today and so barely anyone had asked to view. She had an opening in her schedule at 12 am which was only 30 minutes. It would take me 25 minutes to get there so I lock up and begin walking.

By the time I got there, the estate agent was already there, I quickly introduced myself and begun exploring the luxurious place. In the front room however there was a large hole in the wall. I peer inside to see more damage and only then do I notice that there is an arm in the darkness. I try to forget about for the rest of the tour but I find it hard.

"I'll take it." I smile to her.

"Okay that's wonderful." She replies

Paperwork was filed and keys were given. She was due to come back in when days time to hand over my official keys and rent payment calendar. She smiles as she walks off but all I can think about is the body in the wall.

No matter who it was or who did it, it was staying in the wall they will remain nameless and they will become nothing.

Thanks to my father's teachings, I patch up the wall and settle into my new appartment the next day. No matter what people say, cockroaches and rats were worse than the corpse behind the wall that was easy to forget about.

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