Thursday, 9 June 2016

Guest Post: Jean Nicole Rivers Talks About Getting Your Book Ready For Publishing.

This week instead of my usual writing prompt, I'm here with a quest post with Jean. For those who don't know Jean Nicole Rivers is a published author, her most recent book, Black Water Tales :The Unwanted is a truly gripping and nail biting experience.

Today Jean wants to share 3 of the most important tips when it comes to getting your work published for the 1st or maybe the 7th time.

Jean Nicole Rivers

Getting Your Book Ready for Publishing
Getting your book ready for publishing is a broad topic and in this post I am taking a very wide-ranging approach that considers the key elements that you must tackle to make sure that your book will be ready for publishing from day one.

1. The Good Story: Before you even begin writing your book you need to be certain that you have a story that the general population or at least a niche population will find interesting and want to read. All of our stories sound great to us and of course mom, thinks they’re awesome, but unfortunately that is not enough. It is imperative that you put together an extensive outline or synopsis and get the opinions of people who don’t know you and have nothing invested in telling you only what you want to hear. This is where the beta reader comes into play. Beta readers are inexpensive and impartial and can read your story and tell you, immediately, what is good about the story and what is…not so good. Catching these components that are not so good early on is going to save you a ton of disappointment later.

2. Extensive editing: Editing is more than likely going to be your biggest expense (before you get to marketing), but it is undeniably the most imperative. Nothing turns a reader off more than errors. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is perfect. I find mistakes in books published by the mammoth publishing houses all of the time, but your aim during the writing process should be to remove as many errors as possible. If you spend the money anywhere on your book, spend it here! This is where it counts.

3. A dazzling book cover: Last but not least, is your book cover. Make it amazing. One of the age-old book arguments is whether or not to judge a book by its cover and whether or not you should, the fact of the matter is many people do and will. The cover of your book is its calling card. Before a person can read the name of your book or the blurb, the first thing that they see is the graphic image that is on the front, the colors, the font and all of these elements should speak to your potential buyer immediately, else you risk losing the reader.

There are countless vital components and concerns when preparing a book for publishing, but the ones above are crucial and special care should be taken with them in order to ensure the success of the novel you have worked so hard to give to the world.

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