Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Beautiful Voice

I open the envelope, gently sliding my forefinger between the seal. I pull out the folded bill and put the envelope behind it as I read.

It had been a list of all I had bought that month using my bank card. I tend to remember using ny card and how much for, but the pricing for one of the items was wrong. I knew because the reciept that lay in my purse told me so, but I had been charged and extra £57.

I look the bill over finding an 11 digit number which was listed as a contact number. I dial it and wait patiently, after a few seconds the line buzzes and then comes to life.

"Hello, my name is Clara, how can I help you?" She asks, her vioce was angelic.

Slightly distracted by her voice I don't answer right away and it causes her to ask again which slaps me to attention.

"Hello Clara my name is Jennifer and I've just looked over the bill I recieved today, I compared one purchase to the reciept and I've been charged and extra £57." I explain and she types away gently.

She asks for my details and types them in and asks for all of the information about the charge. She seems a happy and bubbly person over the phone but I wonder what shes like face to face.

The conversation had begun to come to its conclusion, she had to now contact those who charged me and enforce a refund of £57 which I was happy to hear.

"Well Jennifer, you'll be contacted about your refund and hopefully that will go smoothly."  She chimes, her words bouncing off the walls of my head.

"Thank you Clara." I smile biting onto my finger
"Actually," I cut up quick before she can hang up.

"I wondered if you'd like to go out for a meal sometime?" I ask, the line buzzes but she doesn't reply straight away. The phone comes alive again as she mumbles

"I will call you in 10 minutes, but yes." She replies and I feel the relief wash over me. The call ends then and I wait paitently for her call. I minute over the given time my phone rings with an unsaved number.

"Jen?" She chines
"Clara" I beam.

We spend 15 minutes on the phone talking of when, where and what time. Luckily she lived half an hour from me so picking her up wouldn't be too bad.

When the day came, it all fell into place. I drove to her getting there 5 minutes early and when she opened the door to my nervous but happy face she enveloped me in a hug.

"Jen?" She mumbled through the embrace to confirm my identity. It was safe to say her voice was beautiful and angelic and her looks enforced that idea.

The date was smooth and although I thought we were just friends for the time being, her hand fitted into mine well enough to say we were made for eachother. We ate and I payed, ignoring Clara's call of halves. We then walked down the streets to the beautiful park hand in hand where on an old bench did we confess.

"I know I havent known you for long, but I feel there is something here." She sniles gesturing between us. I gladly feel the same and I tell her so.

We spoke of ourselves and pur lives, our jobs and pass times. By the time we made it back to my car the time was well past 11. I drove carefully and when we reached her home I opened the door for her and escorted her to her door. She unlocked it first before stepping in to address me.

"Its been a wonderful night" she smiles.

"It has indeed." My smile is uncontained and when we make eye contact she lets out a small giggle.

"I hope to see you again." It was not a question from her but a statement. I nod in response and in her doorway she pulls me closer to her before pressing her lips to mine, gentle and slow is how she kisses.

Once parted I bid her goodnight and she did the same, allowing me to kiss her this time which left me only wanting more as I drove home. I could still smell her perfume in my car and it was making me giddy, like a small child and their first crush.

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